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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Welcome to the blog for Bella Dolce Births! I am officially debuting my practice as a certified childbirth educator. I have worked in the health care world for several years and have also been lactation counselor for several years. I greatly enjoy researching health topics related to pregnancy, labor and birth, breastfeeding and family health. I also enjoy weeding through the good, bad and ugly research and making the "real deal" information available to interested individuals.

As my business grows (hopefully it is only my business growing and not I), I hope this blog will serve a few purposes: 1) an avenue for me to present information that is difficult to present in other forums, 2) an outlet to discuss topics that are the result of a daily internal debate (we all have those "practice" discussions and then often never actually have the real debate with real people, so here's my "real" debate), 3) a way to provide accurate, evidence-based research information to families, and 4) a venue to dispel common misconceptions and inaccurate information surrounding maternal-child health topics.

I know it all sounds terribly lofty and braggadocio (point made) of me to think that I could be qualified enough to "impart wisdom to the masses." Please know, that is not my attitude. Rather, I am here to serve families in a practical way. I enjoyed formal training in just how to read and conduct research studies and so I want to share that information with families around me.

A few caveats: 1) Please do remember that I am not your health care provider :).  2) When I give an opinion, I will work very hard to ensure that I clearly delineate it as just that, my opinion and that it is not medical advice, nor am I advising anyone to do or not do what I say. I simply want to encourage independent thinking. 3) When I am quoting, summarizing or giving objective research based information, I will likewise qualify it as such and seek to provide access to the original studies when possible.

Happy reading, happy research and happy independent thinking!

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